Our dojo has been operating since 1971,which is evidenced by the large number of instructors and students with many years of karate experience,who continue to train and are always striving to update their skills.

Dick Powell our head instructor has been training karate since 1969 and presently holds the rank of 6th dan with the JKA. He has competed internationally on a number of occasions and for a period of two years (1978-1980) he trained in Japan at JKA  headquarters,where he attained the rank of third dan before returning to Canada.

       Frank Mazerolle                                                           Bob Adams                                              Peter Whalen                                             Stacy Mills (Fredericton)

        since 1971                                                                   since 1978                                                since 1978                                                            since 1981


        Mike Roberts                                                   Wanda McNaughton                                           Kevin Bregel                                                    Cristina Bregel

         since 1980                                                           since 1986                                                       since 1999                                                        since 2002


         Mike Wilkie                                                        Manami Fukuda                                                   Leanne Kinnear                                           Chris Melanson

         since 2002                                                           since 2004                                                            since 2004                                                 since 2005

      Jennifer Meehan                                                         Lynn Wagg                                                       Laurie Hodgson                               Romy Zhang (Vancouver)  

        since 2007                                                                 since 2009                                                           since 2011                                             since 2013                                                                          

        Ming Zhang                                                     Aaron Shaw                                                    Gord Livingston                                                  Georges Brine

          since 2013                                                        since 2013                                                       since 2014                                                          since 2015