We have created this page for those who are not so familiar with karate

and would like to learn a little more about karate and our group

Hopefully this page and the attached articles will answer some questions and expand your knowledge

Above all,we hope that karate is an enjoyable experience and adds to your quality of life.

Karate benefits the practioner in many ways,both physical and mental.

It increases stamina,strength and flexibility,as well as providing an outlet for stress.

In recent years scientic research has shown that regular exercise especially that which is combined with learning helps to maintain both the body and mind as well as reduce the incidence of many diseases.

These changes take time so be patient. Over time, you will see positive changes to your physical condition as well as an improved state of mind.

In order to improve at karate or for that matter any physical activity, practice is required. It is recommended that you try to attend training at least twice a week on average. As in any activity, the greater the effort the better the result. Having said that we would like you to remember that not everyone is in the same shape or has the same ability. It’s important to start slowly and increase your effort as your condition improves. Listen to your body.

New members often feel awkward and confused. This is normal. Karate takes time to learn. Even very good athletes find it difficult at first.

We follow the system laid out by the Japan Karate Association (JKA) which is a very systematic approach to learning karate.

Rest assured that you can and will progress. Stick to it and you will see positive results.

Above all, enjoy!

What is Karate?

Karate is a system of self-defense that employs blocks and strikes and occasional throws.

It is an effective means of protecting ones self,but it also offers many other benefits:

Aerobic conditioning   Strengthens the body    Increases flexibility    Provides an outlet for stress

            Teaches children respect and discipline .


          Our adult students tell us that karate improves sleep and increases energy. It offers a unique challenge not found in gyms.

It is not just getting fit, but each level presents opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

          Parents tell us their kids gain confidence and perform better in school


          Our Philosophy

          It is our belief that although Karate has a sporting aspect it is a martial art and should be practiced as such. If required it is an effective form of self-defense and that it should instill in it’s practitioners disciple, control and confidence. 

Karate training must incorporate more than just the physical aspects, it must be firmly rooted in etiquette and respect.


          We have included a list of topics that may be of interest, click on the title to access the information.


     Styles of karate

Starting class

The class


Ranking system

Karate Mind