Kio Karate has been teaching traditional Shotokan karate since 1971 and has been a member of the

Japan Karate Association (JKA) since 1972 .

  We were the first JKA dojo in Atlantic Canada.

The JKA with headquarters in Tokyo is the largest single style karate group in the world and is established in more than 100 countries. Through the years we have maintained close ties with the JKA

Kio Karate is a non profit organization dedicated to the growth and promotion of karate. Our goal is to foster the traditional values of karate. To help each student to reach their full potential,by promoting physical health and mental well being.

     Besides being an effective form of self-defense

karate offers many other benefits:

                       Aerobic conditioning              

           Strengthens the body

       Increases flexibility

                       Provides an outlet for stress

                      Teaches children respect and discipline .


       Our adult students tell us that karate improves sleep and increases energy. It offers a unique challenge not found in gyms. Not just getting fit,but each level presents opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

          Parents tell us that their kids gain confidence and perform better in school.

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Celebrating 50  plus years

since September 1971